The Jersey Breed

The very distinctive and rather charming Jersey cow has become the 2nd most popular dairy cow in the world. The average registered pedigree Jersey cow in the UK now produces 6024 litres of milk per year with a butterfat content of 5.46% and protein of 3.83%, with the best individual animals yielding around 9000 litres or higher. Jersey milk is in many ways unique. As a product it contains:- 18% more protein, 20% more calcium, 25% more butterfat than average milk. The Jersey Cattle Society of the United Kingdom keeps the national herd book and promotes the breed.

Chapple Herd Foundation 

Our pedigree Jersey herd was founded in 2018 with the purchase of heifers and young cows from three well known pedigree herds: Quintrell Jerseys (Cornwall), Sunnydawn Jerseys (Devon) and Hollesley Jerseys (Somerset). In milk cows were added from various pedigree dispersal as well as surplus heifers from other well known breeders in the south west. 

Herd Expansion

In 2022 we expanded the milking herd from 120 to 200 with the addition of 80 crossbred dairy cows. This has allowed us to increase our average milk yield per cow, keep milk quality (fat and protein) at a high level and going forward will allow us to produce some beef calves that will have more commercial value.

Farming System

We operate an extensive, simple system in which we look to maximise milk from grass. Grazing their way around the farm in spring, summer and as much of autumn as the weather allows we only fully house our cattle for the worst winter months. A mix of grass silage, maize silage plus a small proportion of whole crop (wheat, barley, peas) is offered throughout winter and as a buffer feed when required. During twice daily milking each cow is topped up with an individual ration of cake that is calculated according to yield and stage of lactation. We used sexed semen extensively (in order to avoid producing unwanted jersey bull calves) with our pedigree Jerseys providing herd replacements. Our crossbred cows are generally served to beef bulls.

Milk Supply

We are pround to supply our milk to Saputo UK (formerly Dairy Crest) for manufacture into cheese and butter at Davidstow.